Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Blois, Chambord, Chevernay

Few weeks ago I went to see some of the châteaux de la Loire with a friend . We stayed in Blois, small town on the Loire, that I like so much, except maybe its weather which was rainy and chilly, but we did have some sun to take pictures ;-). My friend discovered château de Blois which I really like, it's different from the others and it's well preserved and restored inside.

And there is a nice view from the back wall of the château on la Loire and the old part of the town, with its old cathedral, red roofs and this peaceful river, so famous for it's castles!
We took a bus tour to Chambord and Chevernay the next day. I've seen Chambord before, it's impressive, especially its Middle Age size and donjon, but it's yet not fine enough in decoration and interior details... Its huge defense walls somehow remind me of Carcassonne.

On the other hand, Chevernay is pretty much like a really nice summer house, I wouldn't mind spending my vacation there ;-) It's elegant and rich inside with precious paintings and antique furniture. One can visit almost all of it, which is quite rare for this kind of castles, so I fully appreciated it by exploring every corner of it!

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