Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Barcelona, day 2

On our second day in Barcelona we went to see la Sagrada Familia. Impressive, but bizarre...I didn't know it wasn't finished yet. It is supposed to be one by 2050, well, I'll be old by then :-(
Then we checked out the Guell Park. It was really crowded that day, and unlike the cathedrals, it was free.
I was not that impressed by both these places, so my favourite place in Barcelona is definitely Casa Battlo!

This weekend in Barcelona was fun, we did a lot of stuff in only two days! One of the coolest things however was ... the nap we took on Sunday afternoon in the hotel! It was a real vacation nap, when it's too hot outside and when there's nothing else to do anyway, so you just lay down and take a nice nap...Makes me think of Bordeaux...

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