Thursday, January 26, 2006

To Live

T'was a great day today!
after the whole day of work, we went to see a movie, we actually just went to another classroom, cause the movie was played by ESSEC China, which is our school's Chinese association. They celebrated Chinese New Year today, there've been some stuff/activities going on in school the whole day, which I missed for the most of it, being in classrooms listening to some boring stuff about finance and management control...
Oh well, the movie payed it all off! It was "TO LIVE", by Zhang Yimou, a great Chinese classic, which I never got to see while in China. Oh, it's really a great movie! It's realistic, very sad, but so beautiful and touching! As most of greatest Chinese movies, it has an "ambiance" of its own ;-), and even more, a whole life philosophy I would say, or at least a great lesson of life. It also reflects the change in China society through a whole generation, the one of our parents. I can't say more, in case you want to see it, just one last thing: if you like really good movies and are interested by China, you should definitely see it, the sooner the better!

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