Sunday, November 27, 2005

What's your problem?!

One of our professors is worth mentioning here.

Basically, he is ok. He can even be nice. But he is teaching a course to international students, and the course is supposed to be in English. And his English is non-existent…And it is really annoying! During first classes, he was encouraging students to ask questions and express their thoughts about the subject. Good. The only problem was that when somebody tried to ask a question, it would take the teacher about 15 minutes to understand it…
He is funny. When somebody raised his/her hand, the professor would point at him and say “OK, what’s your problem?!” That used to make us laugh. He must have noticed, so he doesn’t say that anymore. Actually, this class reminds me of an English class for our professor.

Last class, during a case study, he was talking about employers who force their employees work too much, “24 point 5 hours a day”. Even if I wasn’t really listening, I raised my head. He didn’t notice his own joke, as nobody else did. My classmates are so attentive during this exciting class.
Another time, during the same class, I raised my head from the laptop another time to look at the slides and I read “He and her husband…” Okay! So I started to listen to what the professor was saying. “He” turned out to be the woman’s family name. But it looked so funny on the ppt.
I feel sorry for this professor, but when the class is boring at this point, 2.45 hours is ve-e-ry long, and I need to entertain myself in any other way…

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Muskie said...

Hopefully the reviews of that class were signifigantly negative that others after us won't have to go through it.

The person I felt the most sorry for and told her several times was the TA. She had to sit through all his lectures too. I don't think TA's are treated very well on the whole by Chinese professors and their English was often better than the prof and they seemed to be quicker on the uptake too.