Sunday, April 02, 2006

Treasure hunt in Monmartre with MELT

This Saturday MELT (ESSEC International students association) organized a Treasure hunt in Paris, Monmartre. That was really fun! and really well organized: merci MELT!

There were 5 teams of 5-6 people, all from different countries, mine is on the picture: people from all over the world, Russia, Thailand, Austria, Finland...
Each team had to resolve quizes, prove our artistic talents(on the picture, Sandra, our team's chief artist), get hints and walk around the area of Monmartre to discover the ultimate place.

It lasted about 3 hours, we explored the area between Pigalle and Sacré-Coeur, learned stuff about mills (cause there are real mills in Monmartre!!) and streets, saw the grocery shop from the famous movie "Amelie from Monmartre", and had a lot of fun! This is also one of the most romantic places in Paris, and early spring sun made it even more beautiful.

(spring view from Sacré Coeur)

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Проза жизни said...

Я бы с ума сошла от счастья, если бы мне довелось вновь побывать на Монмартре, а уж такая забава, как "поиски сокровищ", точно бы захватила меня. И как, кто нашел сокровище?