Sunday, October 08, 2006

The queen is dead. Long live the queen! ... by Isabelle Adjani

Last Friday we went to the Théâtre Marigny to see the play with Isabelle Adjani, "Marie Stuart".
Only when we went out, it started to rain very hard! in two minutes we were all wet, the umbrella didn't help. Then we got to the subway and during our way we noticed that it was raining in the subway!!! seriously, the subway was LEAKING! there were drops falling from the roof of the car on my sister! no comment...

So, the play was really good. It was splendid. It was mysterious and Isabelle was really good. Charming and provocative, desperate and lonely, innocent and fanatic. She was beautiful. She was the queen. The living queen. The dying queen.

I strongly recommend you to see this play if you are in Paris!


tazyzas said...

I saw her too; it was really fantastic. If you like this actress, here is a good site: (I hope you'll like it). :)

tazyzas said...
another good link